Shinged Cell Solar Panels - Worth the hype?

Has anyone had much experience with Shingled cell solar panels, in particular the Eclipse panels from Seraphim or the new P17 or P19 panels from Sunpower? The unique overlapping cell design appears to becoming more popular with a few other manufacturers following suit. Shade tolerance is supposed to be a big advantage with this type of panel so I’m keen to see some real world results.

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Curious as I was given an option of 19 x LONGI 350Watt mono split cells with shingled technology or 17 x QCell 350 Peak 390Watt mono split panels for about the same price

The new Longi Hi Mo X panels do look impressive. Not sure I would put them in the same category as Qcells but so far have proven to be a quality, reliable manufacturer.

Shingled cells haven’t been around for more then a few years but so far there have only been good reports, especially in regards to the SunPower P19 series panels.

So price being equal, you’d choose the QCell 390w?

Yes my pick would be the Q cells 390W. The 17 panels would also take you up the 6.63kW which is larger. Oversizing the PV will help, especially during cloudy weather.

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Hi Petiteviolon I will go for the lastest technology with higher watt per panel.
WHY? The less number of panels on the roof the better , less power mismatch at every seconds
and I always avoid 3 rows of panels if I can , rather a 2 rows format and a space between them , for easy Maintenance / cleaning , better ventilation, easy to replace panels in case of hail damage
Nowadays you can get panels as big as 460 watts 78cells , half-cut cells
Solar Hybrid Solutions

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I’m not sure I understand, as the QCells are higher watt but the Longi are the newer technology, aren’t they?

Longi is a newer panel design (using shingled cells in a split panel format). But shingled cells and half-cut cells have been around for about the same time. Actually half-cut is a little older, but well proven.

I’d still recommend Q cells. Older company with a good reputation and they are 390W compared to 350W. More total kW is generally better.

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