Is it worth paying more for Q cells over Trina or Longi panels?


I’ve had about 10 quotes from about 5-6 companies and doing my due diligence on the installers certification etc. It’s a bit over whelming to be honest.

I’ve short listed the companies to ones that have been in business for about 10 years plus Solahart (who’s been around for a million years). Is it worth paying more for Q cells over Jinko or Trina panels. I’ve been told that there’s a degree of voltage leakage with those panels that are a little cheaper. Is that right?

Hi again @sandib

It can be very overwhelming, but sounds like you are on the home stretch. Well done for doing you due diligence. It probably isn’t worth paying that much more for QCells, over Trina or Jinko. Maybe if it was LG or Sunpower. Trina and Jinko are both good panels :+1:

Sounds like you are making good progress. Good like making the final call on Installer. Let us know how you go.