Seraphim Panels Solar Edge hd INVERTER AND dc Optimisers

Our gas heating has almost died and with the solar rebate available in Victoria we think its time to install Solar power.
We are thinking about installing split systems in three bedrooms and a fourth unit in the lounge room.
This will supply us with both cooling and heating.
One of the systems we have been offered is 21 300w Seraphim panels, a Solar Edge HD Inverter and DC Optimisers. Seraphim 6.3 kw. Inverter 5.0kw.

We have no shading issues and all panels will be placed on north facing roof and north facing patio.
We think with the four split systems we will be drawing a lot of power.
There seems to be differing opinions regarding DC Optimisers.
Are solar edge DC optimisers reliable?
Are DC optimisers necessary?
We have four adults living in our home.
Our home is a brick veneer home about 14 square meters.

Hi @akrcda

There are certainly differing opinions. My opinion is that I don’t think using optimisers is necessary if there isn’t shading issues.

On the flip side. If you happened to have a dodgy panel, you probably wouldn’t know for a long time if you didn’t have optimisers.

I’m sure there are other opinions on that though.