DC Optimisers in a solar panel solution

Hi, I have some sales reps talking about DC Optimsers and some that don’t. I am looking at a 20x315watt Trina Panels + 1x6kW Fronius 3-Phase inverter, so wondering if I need a DC Optimser?


Hi Chris

It’s a good question that seems to be coming up a lot recently. I don’t have strong opinions on it, although I have said previously that I probably wouldn’t bother with them on a standard straight up and down install (without any shading issues).

Can you give more details, and maybe photos of your roof space?

Have the solar companies estimated any increase in output based on the optimisers?


Hi Chris,

The main reason people use DC optimisers is due to shading issues, but sometimes it’s also due to multiple roof angles where the solar array needs to be split up to small groups of panels on different roof sections.

The sales rep should be able to explain the benefits of optimisers and what type they are referring to as there are several different types which all work slightly differently - such as Tigo, SolarEdge, Huawei and even Microinverters.

SolarEdge is a popular inverter which uses unique solaredge optimisers. These systems are slightly more expensive but can have many benefits even on installations which do not have shading issues. I have explained all the pro’s and con’s of Solaredge optimisers in this article.

Hey Marty, I do have shading at different times of the day. In the morning, my antenna casts a shadow - and late in the afternoon, my neighbours gum tree hits the roof as does the chimney’s.
I have uploaded a photo of the gum tree shade in summer.

Solar companies have just said the Optimsers will result in the solar panel array not functioning at the lowest panel output level (with the shade on them) and compensate to achieve higher levels.

Hi Chris

Looking at that pic and based on your comments about the antennas, I agree that optimisers would be beneficial for the reason they have stated.

Good luck!