Replacing an old solar system

I’m replacing damaged panels with LG neon R modules, 9.6kW in total. The Growatt inverter is 5kW. I’m looking to use IQ7+ inverters and connect the output directly into the house supply.
Reading through the cleanenergycouncil webpage, as I read it I can have small scale certificates for this new install. As I already have a grid connection I can’t see why I need to apply to Essential Energy for approval. The certificates are not related to grid connection but to a new installation, thus new panels and new inverter is a new installation? T/F?

Hi @BrownBird

Correct, you should be able to get STCs for the new install.

As for applying to Essential Energy, I think if the size of the system is larger you will need to.

Both of these are things your installer should do for you anyway. Have you found an installer?


Received installation doco, it seems my connection is an old approval with unlimited input to the grid. As it is an approved connection already no need to apply for approval to replace system. Very happy…

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