Replacing an old solar system

I’m replacing damaged panels with LG neon R modules, 9.6kW in total. The Growatt inverter is 5kW. I’m looking to use IQ7+ inverters and connect the output directly into the house supply.
Reading through the cleanenergycouncil webpage, as I read it I can have small scale certificates for this new install. As I already have a grid connection I can’t see why I need to apply to Essential Energy for approval. The certificates are not related to grid connection but to a new installation, thus new panels and new inverter is a new installation? T/F?

Hi @BrownBird

Correct, you should be able to get STCs for the new install.

As for applying to Essential Energy, I think if the size of the system is larger you will need to.

Both of these are things your installer should do for you anyway. Have you found an installer?