REC Performance Panel P19-410-COM vs. REC N-Peak Series 325W

Hi folks,

In your opinion which is a better performer in terms of efficiency, product, performance
SunPower® P-Series: P19-410-COM OR REC N-Peak Series (325 W) for a 5 KW system assuming the inverters and everything else the same! PLEASE I really need your advise!


Hi @mmichael

I think you found the right thread here.

Still the same answer.

REC N-Peak is a really good option.

Hi @Marty,

Thank you sooo much for responding!

The problem that I have is that I don’t have enough space facing South on top of my house and If I use REC N-Peak given that it is 325 W for a 5-KW system I have to use 9 panels Facing South + 7 panels facing West.

If I use SunPower it is 410 W and I can use 12 panels ALL facing South. I’m not sure how to proceed. I don’t have any issues with shading …

The specs for the SunPower is shown on this link:

The spec for REC N-Peak Series is here →

Please suggest how to proceed because I’m a bit lost …

Also do you suggest Fronius Inverter, SOFAR Inverter or Huawei? I’m leaning towards Huawei given the 12 years of warranty ! Thank you so much …

@mmichael In your situation, with the limited south facing roof area, I would definitely recommend you go with the Sunpower 410W panels as this will perform much better all year round. Splitting the panels south and West will not work as well, especially during the winter months.

Huawei is a good option and is also a ‘battery ready’ or hybrid inverter.