REA Fusion Solar Panels

Does anyone know anything about these panels?

The homepage claims a 25 year warranty “If there are any issues with your solar panels, we will repair and replace them for you under our industry leading 25-year warranty.”

However the spec sheet states a 12 year product warranty:

Also on the homepage:

  • “The Fusion panel by REA Solar offers unrivalled low light performance
  • “unrivalled levels of safety”
  • “Conventional solar panels use a single inverter to convert the power” … “REA Solar’s AC system converts the energy individually at panel level”

These seem like pretty big claims, and suggest the panel is manufactured as an AC panel with the Enphase micros built in. The spec sheet does not indicate that is the case, and as far as I know, only SunPower is manufacturing AC panels with Enphase built in.