Quote Review Solar Power Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada

  • Quote_1: Installer Solar Ascent
    Size 10.14 KW
    Total cost 28392
    rebate 6000
    Project cost 22392

26 Solar panel Canadian Solar CS3U-390MS
Inverter SolarEdge Technologies SE10000H-US
3 year warranty on workmanship
25 year warranty on solar panels
12 year warranty on DC optimizers and inverters upgraded 20 25 years.

  • Quote_2: Installer SolarX
    Size 9.60 KW
    Total cost 26880
    rebate 5760
    Project cost 21120

24 Solar panel Q-Cell Teir 1 Q.Peak DUO L-G5.2
Inverter Smart energy Center SUN 2000-3.8/5/7.6/9/10/11.4KTL-USLO
25 year warranty on solar panels
10 year warranty on DC optimizers and inverters

XPlus upgrade option $1999 upgraded 20 year inverter Warranty, extended workmanship warranty and an ecobee smart thermostat.

  • Quote_3: Installer WattsupSolar
    Size 9.02 KW
    Total cost 2714
    rebate 5412
    Project cost 20302

22 Solar panel LG 410N2C-A5 (410W)
22 Inverter Enphase Energy IQ7+
25 year warranty on solar panels
25 year warranty on inverters

Additional info:

  • Do you have any shading issues?: I have a little shade in late fall from a maple tree.
    my roof faces 173 deg.
  • Are you looking for premium products, or low cost?: I am looking for a good system at a fair price.
  • How much solar are you thinking? I use on average 11500 KW. Our utility uses net metering and will not a system that will produce more than the house uses.

One of my concerns is corrosion. We have a lot of salt in the air because we are right on the Atlantic Ocean.

Thank you for helping sort through solar quotes.

Hi @Ednjanet

I would personally go for the LG and Enphase option. LG Neon 2 panels are some of the best panels on the market and have a very high salt corrosion resistance rating.
Also, Enphase has a good track record for durability in high salt mist environments.

Also see a related thread here

Thanks for the feedback and info. I am going to go with the LG setup and clean my panel spring and fall.

Hi. Just discovered, & joined, this forum this morning. In in Eastern end of PEI.

I, too, went with LG 410W panels & IQ7+ microinverters. My system was commissioned last year & is working well.

There’s a great online tool to see other users’ installed systems. Check out powerlily.io. My system is on there.

Gary K

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Nice, I’ve been frustrated by how hard it’s been to explore system on the enlighten platform itself.