Photonik Feedback

Photonik is built by solar professionals for solar professionals. We want to make the coolest, simplest to use tool, with the most awesome features. Please reply below to tell use the features you most want to see, whether they are already on the roadmap, or completely new ones.

Hi Marty, thanks for designing such cool tool for solar proposal making. It is impressive that using high resolution aerial photos and easy step for all relevant data configuration. Could I please request you to add some more inverter & panel models. The one of panels we are using is Haitai HTM415MH5-54 415W panels, and SAJ R5-5K-S2 inverter. It would be great if they can be updated to your database, thanks.

Thanks for the feedback @_Terry, no worries we’ll add them asap. Let us know if there are any other features you need.



Hi @_Terry, we have added the Haitai panels and SAJ inverter you requested.

Be great to get any other feedback or issues you may have using our software. Have you used any solar design software in the past?

Hi Jason, yes I mainly use nearmap in last 5 years and tried Pylon as well. I found your tool is quite useful and easy to use. Thanks for adding new panels and inverter model, while the Haitai panels are covered by 25 years product warranty, the proposal shows it’s 12 years. It would be great if you could update it as well. BTW, at stage of design, there are product datasheets showing, but shouldn’t them show in proposal as well, so customer can see more info. In addition, is there a way to convert proposal to PDF or send via email directly, thanks.

Thanks for the great feedback, very useful. I doubled checked the Haitai Product warranty, and it is 12 years (ref link below). The Performance warranty is 25 years, though. We will need to clarify this.

We definitely need to add links to the datasheets in the proposal as well.

Hi Jason,
Here is the datasheet of Haitai 415 panels

Interesting, so they have boosted the warranty to 25 years for this model. No worries, I’ll update the database shortly.

They seem like good-quality panels. I’m Interested to know who is the Australian distributor for Haitai panels?

Yes, nowadays most of panels are covered by 25 years product(performance) warranty already, and some N type or dual glass panels are covered by 30 years performance warranty. It’s hard for solar panels brand who is still providing 12-15 years warranty to competing with other brands. Haitai is just a entry level panels but we found the company is bankable and overall quality is not bad for a cost effective option. As you can see from web link that Solar Agent is the distributor for this brand.

Hi Terry, thanks for the feedback.

It would be pretty easy to add the data sheets to the proposal, but it’s proven very tricky to make it all into a PDF. Does it not work with your flow to copy and paste the link to the proposal in an email to the customer? Or is it just simpler to have it all as a PDF attachment?

Hi Marty,
Yes, it works as a link via email, overall it is a very good design tool, I would use it for a bit long time and then give the feedback, thanks.

I’m not sure if this forum is still working, but I noticed the Sol-Ark series of inverters were missing from the selection list. Specifically, the 15K Limitless

It is working! We can add. Thanks for the feedback Matt.


No problem, I’m adding the Sol-Ark series hybrid inverters to our database atm.

Thank you very much. The response time and willingness to expand is impressive. I did have one more consideration if I may. Inverters such as the sol-ark series have parallel capabilities. Have you considered adding in the option for 2 (or more) parallel inverters?

Hi Matt

We have considered it for sure. I will bump the task around adding multiple inverters.

In order to keep things simple we haven’t added any smarts yet around assigning panels to an inverter, and showing the wiring of the panels etc. That is an additional more complicated feature.

You can of course simply add an extra inverter into the cost section. This doesn’t currently reflect on the proposal though.


Hi, could I please request that some additional Enphase micro inverters are added?
Only the IQ7, IQ7+ and IQ7X are available. Please add the IQ7A version.

No problem. I will add the IQ7A today. Along with the IQ8 series for US users.

I will ask for the addition of Solax X3 hybrid converters.

Ok, we will add the Solax X3 Hybrid inverters later today. What batteries do you use with this inverter, Triple Power?

Where are you located? Thanks