Photonik design tool - What new features do you want? (Roadmap)

Photonik Solar Design Tool is currently in BETA. We’re on a mission to build the most user friendly solar design tool on the market, so you can get a slick and accurate proposal to a customer in a couple of minutes.

Please give feedback on the proposed features and how you might like them to be implemented in comments below.

Design tool poll - Vote for the features you want

We want your help to prioritise the next set of features to take us to Version 1.0 (choose a max of 5).

  • Design | Multiple qty of inverters (same model) - Have multiple inverters for the same job
  • Design | Multiple make/models of inverters - Different inverters models for each job
  • Energy Usage | Electricity price increase in model - Add field to forecast how much electricity prices will increase to more accurately model payback period of a system
  • Proposal Document Improvements See details and vote in separate poll below
  • Energy Usage | Add consumption profiles - Currently there is only one ‘double peak’ consumption profile, have multiple to better simulate different consumption profiles.
  • Data | CRM (Zoho) integration - Send data to and from a third party CRM.
  • Products | Ensure up to date panel and product lists - Find a way to get products added faster.
  • Design | Multiple proposals per job / Duplicate designs - Give customers multiple options to choose from.
  • Pricing | Save template - Save pricing and tariff details to reuse on future jobs.
  • Design | Favourite products - Save recent or favourite products at top of the list to easily find for next time.
  • Design | Panel layout instructions improvement - Make it easier to understand how to use the panel layout design tool.
  • Design | Allow for off grid jobs - Add a load table, and change grid to generator.
  • Design | Improve imagery - Better images of roofs for accurate designs, switch between imagery providers.
  • Calculations | Show/edit system losses - Shading, wiring, soiling, inverter, panel and battery annual degradation.
  • Design | Allow Google search with lat long, or place a pin on map - Sometimes hard to find roof via address alone.
  • Design | Upload building plan / custom image - For properties that haven’t been built yet.
  • Panel layout tool | Allow larger screen for editing
  • Other - Give details by adding a comment below.
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Proposal improvement vote

What specifically do you most want to see improved on the Proposal doc (choose a max of 3).

  • Proposal | PDF download - Download a PDF version of the proposal to print or email the customer
  • Proposal | Add docs - Add docs to the proposal to show the customer details of products or our company
  • Proposal | Edit text - Edit the existing text throughout the proposal to better work for your business needs.
  • Proposal | Itemised products - In the cost breakdown show details of products, inc racking, plus any discounts etc
  • Proposal | Language customisation - Allow for language translation on the proposals.
  • Proposal | Customise design, layout - Ability to remove sections, and change layout etc.
  • Other - Give details by adding a comment below.
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Energy Usage | Add consumption profiles

These are the profiles we are looking at adding, as well as:
4. Constant Day & Night - For tropical locations with A/C on all 24 hours.