Photonik account

I’m trying to create an account on Photnik. The first time I didn’t select “US”, and it was asking for my ABN #. So I stopped right there. Somehow, I can still log in, but after I do, it takes me back to the register account page. So I think my account is only half registered.

Hi Josh, sorry we are in the process of launching a new version, and I think this is what might be causing your issues. If you wait another day we should have everything fixed.

Thank you. Has the new version been released? How do I fix my half-way created account?
I am currently logged into, but if I click on my account name then click on Settings, it’ll ask me to register a business, but it’s asking for my ABN number, so I’m not set to a US business.

Hi @Josh, sorry about that and the slow reply. We’ve moved you over to the US. Can you confirm it’s all working now?

I’m having to reply with a different account because now I can’t get into that one.
When I went to log in, I got the registration page. I was able to select US. So I assumed you deleted my old account. My password manager gave me a new password, but when I went to register, my email was already in use. So now I don’t have the previous password I used.
And there’s no “lost password” or “reset password” anywhere that I can find.