Pasco County, Florida

I got a quote for a 35 Jinko Cheetah 60M-V 315 Watt panel installation. Solar Edge inverter, smart thermostat and LED Lights. Total output 11.25 Kilowatts. The price includes $7,500 for installing a new roof (I only have 3-5 years of life left on my shingles.) Total price without roof is $50,506.78… total with roof is 58,006.78. From everything I’ve seen… this seems rather high? Are these panels top of the line or something? Am I being raked over the coals?

Hi Lily

We are in Australia but even from here we can see that quote is ridiculous. Don’t even give them the courtesy of a call. Please try others.

The latest panels are 370W. Why would they quote you 315W?

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@Lily777 yes as Lily said this price is absolutely ridiculous. The 315W panels are also very old and outdated. It seems this company is trying to rip you off which is disappointing.

I am a solar installed in Virginia I agree with the previous 2 comments this is an absolute rip off in the States it should only cost about 30000 and the panels are outdated I currently use a 380 W panel and I would never use a solar edge inverter I have had 3 failures and had to repair to other ones for other customers
I am ashamed of my gender as I constantlyi run across women being ripped off

Go to the website energy sage they will have reputable installers in your area and you can get 3 bids

Hi everyone,

Thank you for confirming what my intuition was telling me. I have since done alot of research and have several reasonable quotes from better companies in my area. Ill probably be going with either Qcell 360 panels using emphase inverters, but I am also looking at Rec alpha panels as well. Costs are half what the that other company told me for way better panels. I’m getting quotes in the low to mid 20’s for for 10 to 11 kilowatt system, with the first year putting out 15 to 16. I really appreciate everyone’s input. Thank you for taking the time to steer me in the right direction.

I recommend against microinverters we use string in betters
Too many points of resistance