Neighbor complaining of blinding glare from my solar panels

hi All,
I need your advice on an issue with my solar installation.
I just got my solar panels installed today and my neighbor is complaining that my panels are producing a blinding glare for her and that this is nuisance as per law.

I live in Melbourne , Victoria.
Is this something , I should have checked before signing in for my Solar contract. is this something my installer should have known?

Is there anything that I can do to ease my neighbor’s pain? am i legally obligated for it ?


Wow. I have never heard of this. Sounds a bit absurd.

Is she saying that the glare is annoying her whilst inside, or outside the house?

I highly doubt this is your problem, but I’m no legal expert.

Is there anything you can do? Maybe, but it will most likely affect your solar generation.

Thanks for a prompt response Marty.
She mentioned that whenever she comes out of her main door she sees the glare during a particular time of the day only. I guess, when the sun is setting.

This is where Dual Axis Tracking (DAT) Solar Racking comes into it’s own.

Not only do you require approx. 1/3 of the Solar Panels, of Fixed Tilted Racking!
DAT Generation is FAR Superior the further South of the equator you live.

DAT Racking points the Solar Panels perpendicular (straight at) to the Sun, thus eliminating ANY Reflection!

I wish people would do more DAT Researching based on there Consumption!

Some people just like to whine & winge.

Is DAT racking available for rooftops.
I googled and see that it is mostly a in-ground cemented installation.
Also is that possible to change now…even at a charge.

This is very unusual as solar panels have an anti-reflective coating to enable them to absorb more light and produce more power. Reflection is not usually an issue but it can be noticeable during certain times of the year. I wonder if your neighbor is actually exaggerating the problem for personal reasons, or simply doesn’t like the look of them, again for personal reasons.

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Most definitely.

This isn’t really a practical option for most people, especially once you’ve already got the install.

Commonly Horizontal or Vertical DAT Racking is Installed in Residential Rural locations or commercial Solar Farms.
Largely to do with digging a 60cm deep Trench for Electrical conduit & having clearance from Shading for buildings & terrain etc.

There are bespoke Rooftop DAT Racking, but as Marty said, the Affordability of changing the Racking type in the Short term is Not really worth it.
However, as DAT provides superior energy Generation from 10~12 hours per Day depending on your latitude location, the generation over the 25year life of the system Panels, would be approx. double the Energy Generated.

As an exercise, use the below Calculator, enter Your solar Panel Watts & QTY etc.
Then simply change From DAT to Fixed Tilted Racking, and you will see the Generation results.

As say, if you have a common system of 22x 300W Panels (6.6kW) System it will Generate 12’000kWh/p Year, compared to DAT that will Generate 25’000kWh/p per Year.
So, have fun analyse that !

Thanks . I get the point.
This is indeed spectacular and could also reduce the number of panels required in case excess generation is not the priority.

I hate to be one of those neighbours that people believe just want to complain but I am on the receiving end of glare from a recent solar panel installation. I am definitely not one to complain for the sake of it and am very supportive of solar power.
However, for approximately one to two hours in the morning at this time of the year I literally can’t look out at my water view from my back deck because of glare from my neighbours new build and solar panel installation. The glare is blinding and I can sympathise with your neighbour’s situation. I would like to understand what can be done as have just started to research it. I appreciate it will only at certain times of the year and not all day, but also feel it is imposing and should definitely be avoidable.
I have attached a photo to give the readers an understanding of the imposition - I am sure you will agree that I am not just whinging for the sake of it image|281x499

That is a very strong reflection which is not usually a problem as solar panels are located on the roof which is typically higher than the neighbours line of sight. Unfortunately in this situation, the elevation and angle has resulted in a strong glare in the early morning. What time was the photo taken?

I don’t know of any solution to this other than some sort of shield. If this only occurs for a few weeks of the year and only in the early morning then a simple pull down shade or tinted blind would help.

Thanks for the response Jason.
The photo was taken at 7:15 am and it glares like that for over an hour. The photo was taken on 10 December 2020 and is still glaring now. Given the sun is not at its highest point that would equate to around 2 months of glare if the sun is out.
I built my home 17 years ago and have enjoyed my morning view for that whole time. The glare from the new homes’ roof was something I had to get used to initially and accepted it was part of the change over time. However, the solar panels have added another dimension. Unfortunately for me, blocking out my morning view for 2 months with a blind when the weather is at its most beautiful is not something I feel is acceptable. I will be talking to the owner to understand what he can do to provide a solution.
Thanks again for your input