Leichhardt NSW

Yes please, Quoted $9644 fully installed:

Fronius Primo 5 Inverter (1P)
Sunpower P-19 series 325 (x20)
Complete system installation (commissioning Checklist and Job Pack
Warranties 5 yr warranty on operation and performance of system including workmanship and products
Fronius inverter Warranty 5 + 5 yrs
Sunpower Panels = Product Warranty 25 yrs
Performance Warranty 82.6% at 25 years
No Shading - on a corrugated iron roof facing nude North.

Not sure if this is a good deal.
Thank you for your help.
Daphne Paris

All very good quality products, Fronius is great and the SunPower P-19 series are a great mid to high level panel.
Price is pretty good, a little on the high side so I would expect the Fronius energy meter to be installed as well which would give you full household consumption monitoring.

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