Is it possible to use hybrid inverter for off-grid setup?

We want to install a hybrid inverter system for our school. But, after studying the production and the usage of power, we want to migrate to an off-grid setup. Is it possible to do so?

In other words, Are hybrid inverter and off-grid inverter one and the same or are they different?

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Hi Yes it is possible but only with one inverter I know. Ingeteam inverter designed work off grid or on grid.
Check here

Thanks for your reply.

Can you suggest any 10 KVA solar hybrid inverter that can be migrated to an off-grid setup later, in India?

Check Ingeteam India

MPP Solar has off-grid setups.

How much power do you need?
What type of AC do you need?

Answer that and you can have a proper answer.

I use a 240V split-phase setup (USA power style) with 10kW max.

I have a Victron 10Kw inverter. It works very well as hybrid or off-grid inverter.

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Thanks for your responses. The Total load is 40 KW, but max load used at any point of time is 30 KW. It is a school in India with 240 V.
Fredrick Paul

The main difference between Hybrid and off grid is
inthe Hybrid you still can use the grids supply to supplement any energy demand
In Off grid you are by yourself isolated so you may need generator
If grid is present it still better with Hybrid because of lower cost of investment
In Off grid you need to cater for the days when the UV are low and you must oversize your system according to the Day of Autonomy ( DoA )
its best you work out in Kwh rather then kw
eg you use 30 kw for 5 hours i.e. 150kwh
you must also find out the Sun Hours that is available in your location,
Design Carefully
Regards Esmail

Thanks. That’s a good suggestion to workout in Kwh rather than in KW.


Many off-grid inverter/chargers can also operate as powerful hybrid inverters. This would be the best option and would enable the system to operate on-grid or off-grid.

Since you have a very high load (30kW to 40kW), you will need multiple inverters in parallel. Victron Energy Quattro inverters would be the best option as the can operate in parallel (single or three phase) and can be AC or DC coupled.

This article also helps explain the difference between the various hybrid inverter options.

Hi Fredrick
I had found a good site where it explain the Peak Sun Hours PSH of your location
May you find the info useful
Regards Esmail