Inverter/charger problem

Hi everyone. I recently rehabbed a 72 airstream argosy. I put in a 3000w renogy inverter/charger with a 2 200ah agm battery bank. Everything is brand new. I was able to get my inverter started hooked up to shore power and was trying to fully charge my batteries. I left it on for a couple of hours, but did not seem to charge the batteries. Could be a setting problem on my end. My biggest issue is that the inverter will not turn on again. I checked my battery voltage and it is as 12.3, plenty high enough to start it. All connections are good, hot feed input is good. Don’t know why it will not start. Any thoughts?

It could just be a faulty inverter. Is this the first time it has been turned on?

Or it could be needing warranty assistance…