Pre-charging inverter capacitors?

I’ve seen videos that say you need to pre-charge the inverter capacitors using a resistor when starting up a system that has Lithium ion batteries to prevent a rush of power. I can’t see how there would be a rush of power if the inverter is off and you follow the sequence in the owners manual. The battery manufacturer said he never heard of that happening unless the output was on and there was a load when it was turned on. I’m going to be starting my new 1100ah system for the first time soon and I was wondering if anyone has experienced damage to the inverter by following the sequence of turning on one battery breaker, then the breaker to the inverter, then powering up the inverter, followed by the other battery breakers, then turning on the utility breaker then turning on the output breaker and last the panel breakers. Also, my system has a 250 breaker from batteries to the inverter, a 100 amp breaker from each battery to the bus bars, a 100 amp breaker from each charge controller to the bus bars and a 60 amp breaker with lightning protection on the combiner boxes, is there anything I’m missing? This system has been running on gel batteries so far with no problems. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. the dog