Sungrow Inverter Response and Battery

Hello, I need some regarding my Sungrow Inverter, when the battery SOC is 5% it just starts taking up the load, before charging itself (or going to a charging mode), I understand that the sungrow inverter considers load as first priority, but can someone guide what is it related to? I have been observing these spikes, and I am quiet worried about it. Any suggestions? Is there any bus that’s making it work like? or something else?

@Amina_Shahab I am confused about your question. What spikes are you referring to? What type of battery are you using?

The system should not be allowing the battery SOC to go below 10%. This should be the cut-off point. When a battery is only 5% SOC there will be many issues with battery voltage and charging.

I noticed something last night. When the low SOC limit (5%) is reached, the battery does not go to idle and the loads are supplied by it, (the loads are supplied by the battery again and again after some intervals). This behaviour repeated itself during the night.
This is not normal with my system. I have never seen this before. The system behaves normal when the low SOC limit is 10%. Very similar to this picture

What type of battery are you using, and what is the inverter model?