SCP Faults?

Hi, I have 6 Turli LifePo4 batteries that have been working perfect for about 4 months. While we were away there was a power failure lasting 3 days and at the same time heavy rain for 1 day and heavy clouds for 3 more, so the inverter shut down at my set low voltage point at 46v. When the sun came back out everything started fine and was working perfect but, one of our workers misread the instructions for shutting down and/or restarting the inverter and when the utility came back on he switched the transfer switch to bypass, so the inverter had no load and it just charged the batteries. The charge controllers are set to stop charging at 56v The BMS shut them off but the inverter showed overcharging and all of the batteries show overcharge faults and BMS shutdowns but no voltages over 58v. All of the batteries after sitting for a day turn on and read about 53.6 volts and all the green lights are on, the BMS status shows IDLE. I tried turning them on one at a time and as soon as I switch on a breaker, the inverter starts to turn on but then the battery connected to it changes to a red light and the status shows SCP so the inverter shuts off. The batteries all return to IDLE status after a few minutes. Any suggestions?? the dog