I want a new inverter - battery upgrade?

This is my 7 years working configuration: one sonny boy 6000us, 26 230w solar panels, grid tied. Now I acquired a new diesel generator and want to change my inverter for a new one with the newest hybrid tech. Although now I’m not economical prepared to add batteries, I would like to have the off-grid alternative for the future. Your best recommendations be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @Rivera6360

Just to clarify, the Sunny Boy inverter is working fine, but now you want something that will handle a generator and battery inputs as well?

What state are you located in?

@Svarky will be able to help you better with this question.


Hi @Rivera6360

If your SMA solar inverter is still working fine then the best option for adding batteries and also using a backup generator is the SMA Sunny Island, which is an advanced ‘multi-mode’ hybrid inverter designed for both on-grid and off-grid systems.

The Sunny Island will AC couple with the Sunny Boy solar inverter and become an energy management system, it is also compatible with many of the leading lithium battery systems.

You can read more about the SMA sunny island in these reviews…

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