Huawei vs Fronius solar inverter comparison

I am considering installing Huawei inverts on a number of properties, as our installer has recommended them, but they don’t seem to show up as being a preferred brand by many in the industry or in reviews. What experience do people have with Huawei inverters, good or bad?

In my personal experience they have been good so far and offer good tech and service support.

Here is a the Huawei inverter review which might help. They are definitely one of the better quality Chinese made inverters and are also a hybrid (battery) inverter as well with some clever features.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying they are on par with Fronius though.

Thanks for the note Jason and yes it does seem to have
a good set of specs. In addition to the this report a number of other reports that address the top 10 Inverters, don’t list them, but they have been recommended by a reputable firm so I was keen to get feedback from others
in the industry. They have an excellent warranty and efficiency, and they have been around elsewhere in the world for a long time, but are relatively new to the Aussie market. It’ll be interesting to see what other comments
I get over the next week or so.

Once again thanks for your input I greatly appreciate

Kind regards, Rob

Did you go with the Huawei?
If so, how have you found it?

Thanks for your note Stich, no we’re still working through the issues. If we install them I’ll post a note about our experience with them, but they have a good reputation.