How does shading effect solar?

Quote for 13.2 kw system using Longi panels x 42 315 w model LR6-60-HPH with 10 kw Sungrow inverter. Quote $9600 after STC from One Source Energy P/L in Darra Qld.
We have 3 phase power so are looking to sell to the grid however we are affected by shading.
I have attached photo. Would appreciate feedback,
Cheers,[date=2020-02-09 timezone=“Australia/Brisbane”]Gene.

Yes it looks like shading will be a serious issue. Nearmap is a great tool. Was this design proposal done by an installer? Looks like the image selected in from November, I would look for an image during mid winter to see how bad the shading is and weather the string voltage might drop out of the inverter MPPT range due to severe shading across the majority of the panels. (maybe the tree will need a trim)

The best option would be use Tigo optimisers on the shaded panels or better still on all panels in this array.

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Thanks Svarky, the design was done by an installer / sales rep. He is confident the panels will perform despite shading & has given us a 55kw per day average guarantee. Im not so sure. I will look into your suggestion of Tigo optimisers.

Good to ask the installer to simulate the winter scene using Near map and see how many panels are affected. then install Tigo on the affected panels will be a good idea. Optimiser not expensive $65+gst. if you do now

Regards Esmail

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