Hose the ash off your solar panels to increase efficiency

Hi all

With the crazy bushfires raging all over Australia you would be lucky if you are just about anywhere in Australia this summer to avoid being affected by haze and ash. Here in Sydney you can clean your car in the morning and it can be covered in ash by the afternoon. The same thing happens to solar panels and it reduces their efficiency. It’s worth hosing them down regularly to increase the sunlight that they are getting.

Needless to say, I hope the fires aren’t affecting you more directly than that.


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it is necessary to install panels from which the wind will clean :wink:

With level 2 water restrictions in Sydney and possibly higher restrictions on use of a hose in most of NSW, you may cop a hefty fine if you try to use your hose at any time to hose hard surfaces, including solar panels, at present. If you have a rainwater tank and a pump, that’s OK. Just sayin’.

Good point.

More rain please!