Cleaning Chemicals on Panels?

Thoughts on using cleaning chemicals on salar panels.
Eg, windex and 30 second panel cleaner. Both a direct connection to hose to spray on and hose off.

I saw some you tube vids that said not to use:

  • chemicals
  • a squeegee and
  • regular tap water.

Can someone call BS on the above? And can someone vouch for the above or other cleaners?

I’d agree not to use squeegees and chemicals as they could cause damage. A decent bit a rain is probably all that’s required but if you feel the need to do more, use a hose and a soft brush/sponge if required to remove a build up. A pressure washer used carefully should also work well. As far as tap water is concerned, I can’t see how that would do any harm and what else is practical?

This is a great discussion that most consumers ignore. I am glad to see the topic addressed. So Cal Solar

Safest and easiest solar panel cleaning method is using a dish soap and warm water applied with a soft sponge or cloth. A squeegee could be useful to remove dirty water. Keep in mind, avoid damaging or scratching the glass at all costs.