Best solar panels for sail boat

I’m looking to put solar (~1500watt) on my sailboat 12v system. There will be serious issues with shading because of the boom, mast, and rigging. Seems all panels have issues with shading.
I did fine this company AE solar. They seem to be really good with shading. I cannot find any third party testing. Only info I can find is “their” videos on youtube showing their performance powering a waterfall. No details are shown with output volts amps etc.
Anyone know anything about them, specifically their AE Smart Hot-Spot Free Series which have the great shading properties.

Thanks for any help. I’m looking for someone to show their output vs. similar standard solar panel with examples of shading. I don’t care to believe their “home made” looking videos.

Hi Serpa

If you are limited on space, and concerned about shading, you should really look st SunPower Maxeon and LG Neon panels. They are both highly efficient, but also superior to most panels with partial shading conditions.

You will also want to use micro inverters (such as Enphase) in this circumstance, to ensure maximum performance across the whole system.