Designing a solar charge system for a electric sailboat

Hello: I am hoping I can get some help with a (hopefully) interesting challenge. I am installing a 5kw electric engine in my sailboat that will be powered by 4 12v 130Ah flooded batteries in series. This motor will be used occasionally and for relatively short periods as I am a weekend, fair weather sailor. There will be minimal drawdown on the batteries. I will need to keep these batteries charged but will often have 5 to six days between uses with the depth of drawdown being quite minor.

I would love to limit the size of the solar array on my boat as I will not need to recharge quickly and it is not a big boat (30’).

My question is can I use a 12 volt panel ,and a 12v -48v step up mppt solar boost charge controller ( a GenSun?) to slowly charge my battery bank.

I am new to all this so please be kind with the response!

Thank you.