Goodwe SBP series - AC Retrofit inverters

Hi, I have read that the Goodwe SBP series AC batteries can be installed on a solar system that don’t require a hybrid inverter - is this correct ?
If so will it be OK to install a standard solar system first (Longi panels and Sungrow MPPT inverter) and then adding on this AC battery later when a rebate is offered by the govt
is it more economical to purchase the hybrid inverter first now and get a DC battery instead?
Also will the Goodwe AC battery be compatible with any other brand inverter?

Yes, you can install a standard solar system first and then an AC battery system like the Goodwe SBP series at a later stage.
This is common, and there are many other AC battery options available, although it’s recommended to use the same brand as your solar inverter so they can be monitored on the same app.

Yes we got the solar installed but I had chosen a Sungrow Inverter (not hybrid) and I cannot find an AC battery option provided by Sungrow. In hindsight I should have picked the Goodwe inverter perhaps.

You can use a Sungrow hybrid inverter to operate much like an AC battery. However, a dedicated AC battery system would be a better option, even if it was a different brand.

Ok, thanks. I’ve been monitoring my electricity meter after solar panels were installed. I was initially under the impression that during the day while the panels are generating electricity I could put on all the appliances at home and not use any from the grid. But then I realised that if any one or more of the appliances uses more energy that what is being generated at a point in time, then it would need more from the grid :-(. So I need to possibly put one appliance on at a time during the day. I am testing this out now but it looks as if just even having one of our air conditioners on the electricity meter is still clocking up kw from the grid. I guess it will still use less than if I did not have solar panels. Are my assumptions/conclusions here correct?

@Rocky Yes, if you have all your appliances on at the same time, chances are that the solar generation will not be enough, and it will need to use some power from the grid. This is normal, especially if the weather is cloudy.
What size air-conditioner are you using and how much power does it use? Some older air-conditioners can use a lot of power!

Also, how much solar are you generating over a sunny day (kWh)? and what is the peak output during the middle of the day (kW)?

Yes, it’s correct that the Goodwe SBP series AC batteries can be installed on a solar system without requiring a hybrid inverter. You can initially set up your solar system with Longi panels and a Sungrow MPPT inverter and later add the AC battery when a rebate is offered by the government. This approach allows you to spread out the initial investment and take advantage of incentives as they become available. However, if you’re considering a DC battery, purchasing a hybrid inverter upfront might be more economical in the long run as it simplifies the integration process. Regarding compatibility, Goodwe AC batteries are designed to work seamlessly with their own inverters, but compatibility with other brands may vary, so it’s essential to check compatibility specifications before making a purchase.