Duel axis solar tracking units (DAT)

Excluding Rural installations.
Is anyone aware if there is any urban council requirements/permission needed to install a small duel axis solar tracking unit ?

I am only talking of a DAT that holds from 1~4 solar panels, as these small units have a smaller or are around the same size of old school “Hills Hoist”, I used to swing on like a merry-go-round as a kid.

Hi @TheRaptor

I haven’t heard of anyone doing this on a residential property, so don’t know for sure. Obviously every council is very different, but if you are talking about a ground mount in the backyard, I can’t see why the council would care (assuming it’s quite close to the ground). However, from an electrical safety standpoint you’ll probably have to fence it off.

Are you lacking roof space, or just like the idea of the tracker? Would be cool to see. I’ve explored this option a couple times for rural installs, but it was always more trouble than it was worth.


Hi Marty,
Not interested in rooftop panels.
Looking to be able to dismantle, unbolt the ground flange & relocate if wanted, either leaving or removing the Foundation pole.

I am not concerned with the wiring safety, as 2~4 panel design has a double 24V slew bearing mounts atop a 200+cm vertical Mast, the DC Motor & Panel wiring will run down in conduit to a lockable control box, and the power from there will either runs inside the mast into pressure tested conduit to the premises inverter.

The gross installed DAT weight will be approx 70~80kg for the DAT unit and approx. 20kg per panel.
It will have a safety flat sow position in high wind.

The foundation pole (with flat bottom plate) will be equal height to the main Mast height, between 90~130+cm depending on required tilt height, the foundation pole will be ground packed earth & some cement, with a diameter around 80~200cm diameter, depending on the quantity of panels fitted.

However, I am more interested if that will be enough to hold the DAT in place without it leaning over ?

As as a kid we used to swing on the old Hills Hoist, and that only had small and short diameter foundation pole & a few kilo cement collar, to stop sinking I assume.