Do I really need 5kw? Canadian Solar vs Trina review

Hi all, I’m a noob to solar and need some advices.
So I’ve been considering to get solar installed and have gotten some quotes.
I have came to conclusion that for investor I’ll get Fronius international and panels it’s between Canadian 285w, Trina275w or risen 275w.

  • Sunboost is offering me Trina package for $3691 which is with Trina 24 panels + Ta-5k2sj inveter.
    I know Trina has a good rep on the panels but not seen any reviews on the inverter?

  • CTS (clean technology services) is a local mob in Perth.
    Offer: 23x Canadian 285w with Fronius. $3800
    2nd offer: 24x risen 275w with Fronius $3500

I’m thinking do I really need the 5kw system??
My average usage is about 13units per day and daytime use is about 40%

I don’t have issue with any shading on the roof.

I’m hoping you guys can give me some recommendations and also around what my actual cost estimate might end up?

Hi there Pat

That’s a really good question, do you need it? Almost certainly not. When I started in solar in 2010, the normal system size was 1.5kW, then soon after 3kW was the standard, but now 6kW+ of panels seems to be the minimum quoted. Reason being is that panels are so cheap these days and the largest expense is in the installation, which means it’s not usually a significant amount more to get a larger system. Maybe it’s a case of keeping up with the Joneses as well. In my humble opinion Pat, just get what you need. 3kW will serve you very well.

I continue to be shocked by how cheap quotes are these days, so is our solar price calculator. CTS seems to get good reviews. I’d be happy with Fronius and Canadian on my roof, but I agree with you, ask for a smaller system.

Hope that helps.


Thank you Marty. I’ll see what I can get for 3kw system

Hi @Pat007

Did you end up getting your system installed? We would be interested to know how it went.

What was the name of the installation company you ended up using, and would you recommend them? Would you be able to share any photos?