Solar Quote Review - What size 3kW or 5kW?

Hi, I got a quote for a 3kw system, 10x300w Canadian panels, 3kW Single phase SolarEdge Inverter, Solaredge Modbus current sensor, SolarEdge Modbus Meter and 10 optimizers for $7110.5 to be installed on a double storey house. The average usage as per my electricty bill is 5kWh.
I have other companies quoting me for 5kW with Seraphim panel and Fronius inverter for the same price.
Do I need a 3kW or 5kW for my house

Hi Yogesh,

Your consumption is very low at 5kWh which is great so you don’t need a huge system. However I’m assuming you have gas hot water and gas heating so if you plan on upgrading to electric hot water or heat pumps (split system) then I would go for a larger system.

The Solaredge system seems expensive for only 10 panels. Also it is standard practice to ‘oversize’ the solar array so I would expect at least 12 x 300W panels on a 3kW inverter. Do you have limited roof area?