Croydon, London uk

I have based the quotation on a total of 10 low profile panels on a single array. Your Solar panels will be upgraded to the new 380W Vertex, a superior, high output, monocrystalline panel covered by a 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty . The panels will come with our Tigo Panel Optimisers to minimise shading issues and increases the output. You are well positioned for utilising the suns energy without any noticeable issues.

The total cost for the complete domestic system would normally be £9,625.00 With Voltage Regulation, Tigo Panel optimisers with 2.4 Kwh of Battery Storage which I’m sure you would agree represents excellent value.

Most of our customers come by way of recommendation, this helps save on our advertising budget, allowing us to pass on the benefit to our customers. I have applied the recommend a friend voucher and flexi fit discount to ensure I am giving you the best possible price. Furthermore, I believe that once you set the trend in your area, we will get a positive uptake. Please speak to friends and neighbours and claim your vouchers ( £250.00 per signed agreement).

Factoring in all of the above and using all available offers, I can confirm for the complete system and install will be just ​ £7895.95 Inclusive of VAT. This includes everything as per the quotation attached. This is a genuine offer but does require you to leave a small deposit to within the next few days so I can lock it down with our Head Office. Please be assured this is completely secure and your 14-day cancellation rights still apply.