BYD VTL to Huawai Sun2000 M0 hybrid inverter

you can buy 3kW Chinese AC/DC converter too, I dont use such setup yet but glad others figured it out too

Sure. that brand sells converters up to 4kw. But it really depends on what export limits your car has. BYD Seal wont export more than 2 kw, so it would be useless to buy a 3kw converter unless you hack the car to increase the export limit.

but to be honest… i never tried to export more than 2kw. maybe it works…

@Svarky is the expert on that.

Yeah, you can totally use your BYD Seal’s battery to power your home at night with that setup. Just make sure everything’s compatible and the connections are solid. You might wanna double-check with a pro to avoid any risks of damage or fire, though. Better safe than sorry, right? Keep that innovative vibe going!

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