Batteries in 5 years - How do I future proof my choice of solar panels?

I’m thinking of buying Solar Panels now but a battery system in about 5 years. Is there anything I should do to future proof the choice of panels ?

Hi Phil

The choice of panels isn’t really something you need to worry about. I would just go ahead and get a good quality, grid connect solar system, you’ll be able to add batteries pretty easily later. Jason has done a pretty good summary here on what your options are for battery systems.

You’ll see the heading there about “AC Batteries”. There’s a million ways to connect batteries, and a million ways of having a ‘battery ready’ solar system. However, finally, Tesla, Sonnen and a few other manufacturers have made it really easy, and you don’t have to worry about having a ‘battery ready’ system. Just get a normal solar system, and when you’re ready get an AC battery installed. Voilà. I think in 5 years time, there will be a lot more AC batteries on the market as well.


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