Add additional solar panels | South West Rocks NSW

What type of system are you looking for?

—Current system Fronius Primo 3.0 inverter 3.24kw system.

How much solar are you thinking?
Add as many panels to maximise output without changing Inverter

Hi Charlie

You can’t really add panels onto that inverter. Do you have plenty of roof space to add more panels? You don’t need to replace your inverter, you could just get a new inverter to match your new panels.

Thank you for that info. I had a fly by nighter yesterday who offered to add 6 new panels for $2800 and is calling again tomorrow with full details. Only two of us both over 70 so I will just live with current system. Electricity costs are only $1200 per year so not bad.

Yes, good thinking. That’s a ridiculous offer. Stick with what you’ve got.