Ac vs Dc help

I have a tesla solar system at 9.75kw that is not turned on yet. tesla is stating that although my dc is under 10kw my ac is over 10kc and now requires 1million umbrella liability insurance. I was told that if my system was under 10 that i only needed 300,000. I can see that yes but no one told me this and now they will not turn my system on.

Hi Michelle,
I am not sure what you mean by 1 million umbrella liability insurance? The system installer should only need liability insurance, not the customer! Very strange, which country are you in?

USA Colorado they are requesting 1million in liability insurance from me

I am not familiar with the regulations in Colorado but this article clearly states that systems below 10kW requires “Liability insurance with a single occurrence limit of $300,000 is required at the customer’s expense.”

I’m guessing they saying this due to you having both a battery system and a solar PV system? If so maybe you could argue that if the battery cannot ‘export’ to the electricity grid so it can never go over 10kW, so it complies. What type of solar inverter do you have installed?

I have never heard of a Homeowner’s insurance holding up an Interconnection… Typically, there can be delays resulting from failed inspections of the electrical system or PV install, or missing paperwork in filing with the local Utility for interconnection.

Solar City/Tesla had a poor record of compliance with local regulation and interconnection in NM, and lots of delays for these reasons… which is why they basically left NM.

I am wondering if your system is owned by you,or Leased from Tesla, and I am wondering if you have contacted your Homeowners insurance company to help sort this out. Sounds bizarre.