Talesun Solar Panels

In live in the Goolwa area in S.A. Shinehub are offering a deal with 40% off their price for a 6.6kw Talesun 16 x 330w panels with a 5 Kehua single phase Inverter on a tiled roof western side single story house.
They state the panels one of the best and are Tier 1 made in China & assembled in S.A. They are half cut panels which are 10% better than single panels. The Inverter is made by a leading Manufacturer in China. The price is $3,859 for the next 2 weeks which is 40% to their previous price. Are they in the low or medium end of quality. Any comments?

Hi @Vic

I am not familiar with Talesun panels. I’d recommend sticking with the panels on our Best Solar Panels list:

The Kehua inverter is new to Australia, there’s one other thread about them:

Hope that helps

That is very misleading. Talesun panels are not assembled in SA. Talesun is a Chinese Tier 1 manufacturer. They have manufacturing facilities in China and Thailand.

I would be a little concerned about any retailer providing misleading information

I thought we only buy tier 1 panels which means that they are in the top range of solar panels. Is that correct?

Tier 1 means very little Vic. You’ll be hard pressed to find a panel that isn’t tier 1 being sold in Australia.

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