Solar quote Wollert 3750

We are thinking of going with 13.3kw system with 3 phase inverter. We have all electric home with 3 phase power.

We got quotes for 13.3kw system. Orientation will be mostly west and some on east. No shading. Quotes are after VIC solar rebate

Quote 1: QCE-Q.MAXX- G3-390/32/390/34 with Fronius Symo 10.0 /3Phase/10000W --$11, 100
Quote 2: REC 370 Twin peak 4 370w with solaredge 10kw – $16, 195
Quote 3: Canadian Mono solar 370w -10kw Good we inverter–$8900
Quote 4: Canadian Mono solar 370w -10kw fronius inverter–$10100

Is Qcells better than Canadian Solar? Also is it better to invest in Good analytics monitor? Or fronius app is good enough?

Requires your input in these quotes. Which one would be best to go?

Appreciate your help in this.

The first or fourth option would be my top picks. Q cells Q.Peak DUO panels are rated higher than Canadian, but the Q cells Q.Maxx panels quoted here are at a similar level, so very little difference.

I’d stick with the Fronius monitoring platform (Fronius energy meter is required) as it provides full detailed string level monitoring and consumption monitoring.

Are all the quotes from different companies?