Solar quote Moreton Bay

Got some solar quotes you want reviewed? Feel free to ask our solar community for feedback. Please add your location in the title too.

I have been quoted the following for yet to be constructed home. I would appreciate any feedback on materials and price. Thank you in advance -

Akcome Optronics SK6610MHVC SK6610MHVC-330 (330W)|20|(incl.)
Hypontech HPS HPS-5000D (5kW)|1|(incl.)
CEC Approved Installation and Engineering Design|1|(incl.)
Detailed site and shade analysis via Plyon|1|(incl.)
Fully Licensed Electrician (Contractor License 78896|(incl.)
25 Year Full Performance Warranty|1|(incl.
25 Year Full Workmanship and Installation Warranty|1|(incl.)
Titan Racking and Anodised Rail with 25 Year Warranty|1|(incl.)
12 month Health Check|1|(incl.)
10 Year Inverter Full Parts/Labour Warranty|1|(incl.)
All Inverters supplied WiFi connect|1|(incl.)
Subtotal incl. GST|$6,366.00 - Less STC Rebate

6.6kw solar PV System
5kw ABB Inveters included 10 year warranty battery ready
tier 1 370s Trina Solar Panels
installation and warranties
Subtotal $9,689.00 - less STC Rebate

Hi there

I’m not sure what that gear is that Pedley’s is pushing to be honest, I would stick with the products that we recommend on our site:

ABB and Trina are both on our list. Enviren looks like they get good reviews as well.


Thank you Marty. I appreciate your reply and the links.