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We are in Lexington, Virginia, USA. I got a quote from Altenergy Solar Energy Solutions out of Staunton, VA, USA. They have quoted a 12.915kW Solar PV Project.
Panels: (41) Canadian Solar 315W Solar Modules - 25 year manufacturer’s warranty
Micro Inverters: AP Systems QS1 Micro-inverters - 25 year manufacturer’s warranty
Performance based on conditions (some shade in late day): 11,508 kWh
Project cost: $33,467 (before tax credit)
Image of roof with panels: 13%20PM

Can you tell me if this equipment is any good and if the price for the project is reasonable? Do you know anything about this company?

Thank you


Thanks for the message. Unfortunately we have no information about the company but i can say Canadian solar are considered a very reasonable manufacturer with a long history in solar and generally good support. Note Canadian do not offer a 25 year manufacturers warranty, only a 25 year ‘performance warranty’ which is an industry standard. The manufacturers warranty is 12 years on all Canadian panels.

Also AP system micro inverters are not well liked due to poor performance in the past. The new generation AP micro inverters might be much more reliable but I would recommend Enphase micro inverters as they are leading manufacturer with very lower failure rates and very good service.

Overall the quote seems expensive for the lower level of products offered.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for your help. - Morris

Hi @MorrisT

Very interested to know how you got on with this installation. Did you go ahead with the quote as you published originally?

We had another lengthy discussion about a Virginia install recently, which has been put on ice due to shading and cost unfortunately.


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