Solar quote Gettysburg, PA, USA

quote 1
13.32 kw system

36x REC 370

solar edge power optimizer and inverter

LG Chem 10 battery

ground mount. on this quote was $3000.
$51500 USD minus 26% federal tax credit net cost $38,890 USD

Quote 2
10.2 kw system

30 x 340 Hanwha Q-cells

Enphase inverter

enphase Encharge 10 battery

ground mount
$61,000 USD minus 26% (the ground mount on this quote was $11,000)

I found a government statement that the average install NET price in Pennslvania, USA was $21-$26000 USD withOUT a battery.
thanks for your help.

Hi @h82diet

Our Solar Calculator suggests similar to the range you mentioned for a 13kW system:


At $61k for a 10kW system I would certainly be wondering if it’s worth it. You can use the calculator to explore that question. It would make the cost of your electricity pretty high I would have thought. Can you get alternative quotes?


Hi Marty,
The one quote for $61K includes an expensive $11 ground mount whereas the other quote’s ground mount only costs $3 to 4K USD.
Also, I don’t understand the federal tax credit of 26%. do they take 26% of your federal taxable income off the top and that’s not taxed? that doesn’t reduce the cost of the system by 26% does it? I’ll have to call my accountant.
also, my quotes include batteries. We live in a rural area and our electricity goes out quite a bit from wind shears hitting trees.
I’m going to have to get more quotes. these prices are ridiculous… considering how VERY cheap our electric bill currently is. My motivation in getting solar is to reduce my carbon footprint. Our bill is already low enough.
thanks for your help,

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