Solar quote Hancock, NY

  • Hancock, NY
  • 32 PhonoSolar 370W panels with SolarEdge optimizers for each panel
    *SolarEdge SE10000H inverter
    *SolarEdge 10k Home Battery (9.7 kWh)
  • System size 11kW
  • Price $50K
  • I use about 1000kWh per month

I live in a rural area, lots of trees, so shading is an issue. We get regular blackouts (average 6 hours) so I need a system with reliable battery backup. Because of my roof, 8 panels will face S/SW, while 24 panels will face E/SE.

My installer recommends SolarEdge, he says the optimizers will really help with shading.

The only item in this proposal I might want to rethink is the battery. 9.7kWh storage seems low, so maybe a LG RESU Prime 16H, although this would increase the price by about $3.5K. Installer says SolarEdge battery should be sufficient, so I’d like to get opinions on this please!

Sounds like a good system with quality components, although I’m surprised they are still quoting 370W panels. Most manufacturers are producing 400W to 420W panels.

The battery capacity required depends on what you need to run during a blackout. If the blackouts typically last around 6 hours, then 10kWh should be enough for essential loads (not heating)

The price is quite high, do you plan on getting any other quotes?

Thanks for the reply and the info. Great to know that 400 & 420W panels are more common.

As for the price being high, in order to get an idea of how prices compare, can I figure the ‘battery’ portion as being $15K (as a general purpose amount), then the remainder $35K divided by the system power which is actually 11.5kW comes out to approx $3 per watt. Considering the system has optimizers for each panel - does this seem high? If so can you give me some idea of how so?
thank you!

Your estimated battery cost is quite accurate, depending on what essential loads are required and whether a load centre upgrade is needed.

However, based on this Solar calculator tool, I would expect closer to $2 per watt installed for solar using SolarEdge.

Is your roof extremely steep, or is it a complex shape? These factors can also increase the installation cost.

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My roof is not bad, not steep at all. I tried the solar calculator, thanks for the link, and it comes in a little lower than my quote.

I do have lots of trees north & west, with a couple of trees south too. I’m concerned about investing this much when I’m unsure of the results. My installer feels confident that the figures he gave me are accurate, or if anything on the conservative side. He said the system will generate 115% of current grid usage.