Solar PV with hot water storage | Solarhart powerstore

I need a new hot water system and following a bit of reading am leaning towards solar panels and a new tank that can draw on these to heat the water. I came across the Solahart PowerStore. Has anyone had any experience with this and if so are they happy with it?

Hi @cawilson

I don’t know much about the PowerStore specifically, but the concept has been around for a while and is a very good one. It just makes sense to store your excess energy from solar as hot water if you can.

The reviews on Product Review are a bit concerning - these aren’t for the product itself, but for the company.

Hopefully there are other people on here with experience with different products, and installers that integrate hot water and solar PV.


If you are connected to the grid, this makes sense. If you are off-grid, it is problematic. Then you are only heating water when you have excess solar energy, but cannot depend upon solar for hot water heating. And you should replace the standard hot water heating elements with those of smaller wattage because the standard 4500 watt elements are probably too big for your system.
This is something I discussed in my small book of experience with a homemade off-grid system:
Moreover, it you want to do this automatically when you have excess energy in an off-grid system, this is difficult as to some extent, it involves weather prediction. Will there later be clouds? Will my a/c load increase? What is the SOC of my batteries now? And so on. It’s just not that simple.