I'm getting Solar PV - what's better, gas, electric hot water or heat pumps?


I am looking to instal solar in the near future. I currently have a gas hot water system and am not sure if I should change to a solar HWS or have a larger PV system.
I live in Perth and would probably have west facing panels but could have a north facing HWS.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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@Svarky have you got thoughts on that?

I would go with a more efficient ‘heat pump’ hot water system and just run it during the day from a solar PV array. Using a common heat pump will be simpler and more cost effective overall. Since you are in Perth which has a warmer temperate climate, a heat pump will work really well all year round.

Here’s some more info about heat pumps… How heat pumps work — Clean Energy Reviews

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Thanks Jason. I’ll have a look at them.

I totally agree with you … consider also your location :sunny: when installing HWS or perhaps space on your home