Quote for Queanbeyan NSW

I’ve a quote from SunBoost to instal 10kW.
Trina Honey 370W 120 1/2 cut cells 28 Panels
Enphase IQ7+
Envoy-S Metered
Total price $9650.00

Installation quality is my only concern & IQ7+ (should it be IQ7X). My preferred panel is IQ8.

Module capability IQ7+60 & 72 cells. IQ7X 96 cells per module. Thus are the Trina the best technical option?




The best quote Trina Solar is the best quality panel of so far they have a reputation for so many years and aside its durability they’re improved the product they develop a great amount of cell advance to increase its effectiveness. Now your concern is the quality of installing IQ7+ IQ7X micro inverter ( solar inverter micro inverter )
I hope you have the best solar installation