Perovskite Solar Cell Goes Viral Again

And now I have noticed a lot of reports saying that the perovskite solar cell will take control of silicon solar panels pretty soon. This kind of new product takes huge advantages in the examination of performance, lifespan, and prices, I am in a neutral perspective, and I want to know your guys’ ideas, should I consider purchasing perovskite solar cells in the next year when my house is finished decoration?

Perovskite solar panels are not yet commercially available due to their reduced lifespan (accelerated degradation). However, this problem appears to be almost solved, and I believe commercial production will begin in 2025.

This new cell technology could be a game changer and we will find out in the next 12 to 24 months as they start to become available.

Perovskite solar cells reach new milestones for stability and efficiency – Physics World.

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So as you say, I’d better keep on waiting, and I also find some posts says that the next generation of solar cells might help me to cut down my expenses dramatically (link is here), so I am ready to keep on renting until see what’s gonna happen next.