Tell me what NOT to buy! And what REALLY worked

OK, house “want” solar with Pool, Coming Tesla (Aug), Air Con. 2300 SQ FT - 250-400$ e’bils/mo
-I see a lot of “this broke early”, this worked better. Will be getting qoutes soon. Would like to own my cell and I “think” I want a battery for down grid time.
I watch Matt Ferrel undecided he said there were cells with 31% eff- and I see another web site “top 2022” cells and max is Sunpower @22.8%…
-Should I wait another year or two until 31% is a reality?
-If 22.8% is max -fine then what panels have the “least” problems (usually how I ask home depot guys - who returns what less…) thanks in advance, this is one of those 25 year mistakes I don’t want to make - u know!

The solar cells shown in the undecided video will not be commercially available for many years, I would expect at least 2026 at the earliest. Remember, these cells are still only being trialled in a lab.

Currently, Maxeon (Sunpower) panels are the most efficient and most reliable but also the most expensive. Panels with efficiency from 21% to 22% are great and will generally perform very well so don’t get caught up only with the most efficient. There are many other factors to consider.

I’d suggest you actually get some quotes from local solar companies first.