Panasonic DCB 105 Li ion Module


Was looking if someone could give me some insight on Panasonic DCB 105 ZKT Li Ion Bat Module DC 46.2 V 56.28 Ah

Background previous manager at our Thousand Oaks CA branch negotiated and had installed a Generac 14 months ago as well as other equipment.

He is long gone (irreconcilable differences) and probably for lack of oversight among other things the Generac and other solar equipment was installed by what we now know is a pal of his who is not even an established Co.

We were billed and have in storage 3 battery modules that are different from the ones in our genrerac unit (size is the same but connectors are different and these are larger in capacity and voltage) they are new and sealed only opened the one shown here in photos.

All I could find is that they are used in the Evervolt and Harbor systems

Just want to know if I can find some info on them as well on ideas what to do with them. Not sure if even they can be sold for a fraction of the $12K we were billed for.

Also among the items that are here not installed are 2 Solaredge EV charger kits for those I will start a different topic in the correct section

Thanks for your help


You might reach out to an online vendor who still lists these (rather old) batteries on their website, to see if they’ll give you something for them. Their spec sheet says they have a 10 year warranty… and they’re now about 7 years old… so maybe you might try to find a hobbyist who will take these “little” hazwaste problems out of your storage? Generac/Pika B Link DC/DC Converter | DIY Solar Power Forum is a possibility – they apparently have a PIKA B-link, which is no longer in production (after Generac bought out PIKA and trimmed its product offerings)…

Thank you so much for the Feedback and Insight

It looks like the installer invoiced and brought over all the dead stock he had, again it was just as much our fault for not supervising.

We found someone with an eBay outlet that will publish them, in look for that hobbyist that would like to tinker with them.

All The best

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Hi Paul,

It sounds like you’re dealing with quite a situation. Here’s some information and potential steps you can take regarding the Panasonic DCB 105 ZKT Li-Ion Battery Modules and your overall predicament:

Panasonic DCB 105 ZKT Li-Ion Battery Modules

Specifications and Use

  • Voltage: 46.2 V
  • Capacity: 56.28 Ah
  • Typical Use: These battery modules are often used in energy storage systems like the Evervolt and Harbor systems. They are designed for residential or commercial energy storage, providing backup power and energy management.

Potential Actions

1. Verify Compatibility

  • Check Compatibility: Since these batteries are different from your current Generac system, check if they can be integrated or if adapters/connectors are available. Consult with a professional solar installer or electrician to assess compatibility.
  • Manufacturer Support: Reach out to Panasonic or authorized dealers for technical support and advice on how these batteries can be utilized or integrated into your existing setup.

2. Resale Options

  • Market Value: Given that these batteries are new and sealed, they might hold a significant resale value. Research current market prices for similar battery modules. Platforms like eBay, solar equipment resellers, or specialized forums might be good places to start.
  • Professional Resellers: Contact professional resellers or companies specializing in renewable energy equipment. They might be interested in purchasing the batteries, even at a fraction of the original cost.

3. Alternative Uses

  • Backup Power: Consider using these batteries as standalone backup power sources for critical equipment or areas within your facility.
  • Supplementary Storage: If compatibility issues can be resolved, these batteries could supplement your existing energy storage system, increasing capacity and resilience.

Handling the Generac Installation

Given the concerns about the initial installation and the person responsible, it would be wise to:

  1. Conduct an Audit: Have a professional audit the entire installation to ensure everything is up to code and functioning correctly. This might uncover any potential issues or deficiencies left by the previous installer.
  2. Legal and Financial Review: Review the contracts and payments made for the installation and equipment. There might be grounds for recovering some costs if there was any misrepresentation or fraud involved.
  3. Document Everything: Keep detailed records of all communications, invoices, and any actions taken regarding the installation and equipment. This could be crucial if any legal actions are necessary.

Solaredge EV Charger Kits

For the Solaredge EV charger kits, starting a separate discussion in the appropriate section is a good idea. However, you might want to:

  1. Check Compatibility: Verify if these chargers can be integrated into your current system or if they can be used as standalone units.
  2. Resale or Installation: Depending on your needs, either consider installing them or look into resale options similar to the battery modules.


It’s essential to approach this situation methodically, ensuring you get the most value out of the equipment while resolving any outstanding issues with the installation. Professional advice and a thorough audit can help you navigate these challenges effectively. If you have further questions or need specific assistance, feel free to ask!

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Hi Amit

Thank you very much for your insight and very thorough message.

On eBay we were able to sell all the inventory, except for the batteries which the person who took charge of selling preferred not to post as he wasn’t sure on shipping and handling limitations.

Thanks again


Hi Paul,

Thank you for the update and for your kind words. I’m glad to hear that most of the inventory sold successfully on eBay. Regarding the batteries, it’s understandable to be cautious with shipping regulations. Great job overall, and I appreciate your diligence in managing this!