Panasonic DCB 105 Li ion Module


Was looking if someone could give me some insight on Panasonic DCB 105 ZKT Li Ion Bat Module DC 46.2 V 56.28 Ah

Background previous manager at our Thousand Oaks CA branch negotiated and had installed a Generac 14 months ago as well as other equipment.

He is long gone (irreconcilable differences) and probably for lack of oversight among other things the Generac and other solar equipment was installed by what we now know is a pal of his who is not even an established Co.

We were billed and have in storage 3 battery modules that are different from the ones in our genrerac unit (size is the same but connectors are different and these are larger in capacity and voltage) they are new and sealed only opened the one shown here in photos.

All I could find is that they are used in the Evervolt and Harbor systems

Just want to know if I can find some info on them as well on ideas what to do with them. Not sure if even they can be sold for a fraction of the $12K we were billed for.

Also among the items that are here not installed are 2 Solaredge EV charger kits for those I will start a different topic in the correct section

Thanks for your help


You might reach out to an online vendor who still lists these (rather old) batteries on their website, to see if they’ll give you something for them. Their spec sheet says they have a 10 year warranty… and they’re now about 7 years old… so maybe you might try to find a hobbyist who will take these “little” hazwaste problems out of your storage? Generac/Pika B Link DC/DC Converter | DIY Solar Power Forum is a possibility – they apparently have a PIKA B-link, which is no longer in production (after Generac bought out PIKA and trimmed its product offerings)…

Thank you so much for the Feedback and Insight

It looks like the installer invoiced and brought over all the dead stock he had, again it was just as much our fault for not supervising.

We found someone with an eBay outlet that will publish them, in look for that hobbyist that would like to tinker with them.

All The best

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