Off-grid system using Tesla Powerwall 3

Considering an off-grid system using Tesla Powerwall 3.

What major components are required? Unclear to me if a seperate inverter is required in addition to Powerwall 3 included inverter.

My assumption is the solar array plugs into Powerwall, and Powerwall is connected to main bus.

A very small 4kW solar array would not be enough to charge a Powerwall 3 battery throughout the year, especially in winter.

There are many modular solar battery systems available. Why do you want a 13.5kWh Powerwall 3 system?

What are your daily load requirements in kWh? Have you done any basic load calculations?

Appreciate the response, but should have left out anything beyond the Powerwall question.

Done some homework. Based on experience with solar systems in our area, 4kW array will produce about 16kWh/day at winter solstice, and 28kWh/day at summer solstice. Residence uses average of 20kWh/day, evenly split at 10kWh daylight/dark hours so 13kWh Powerwall will be good size. Probably opt for 5kW array which is only about 2 additional panels (12vs10 440W panels).

So, would system work with Powerwall 3 built in inverter only? Would Powerwall Gateway be required? And, as an alternative to off-grid, could system be installed as grid supported with no feed-in power (residence is located in community with embedded electricity network that does not allow feed-in).

While a 4kW solar array may produce 16kWh a day in winter, that doesn’t take into account any daytime loads, which could be 5 to 10kWh depending on your heating requirements and other factors. This leaves very little to charge a battery, especially in poor weather when a system might not produce more than 3 or 4 kWh in a day. These days, the most common solar array size is min 6kW without a battery and up to 10kW with a battery installed.

Have you done a load table or tried a load calculator? This is always the first step before sizing an off-grid or battery system. (I design and install off-grid & hybrid systems for a living)

The full details of the Powerwall 3 have not been released, but it should be no problem to set the system to zero export. Where are you located?