North Western Sydney Solar Power | The Ponds

Installed on a 2 storey Tiled roof, 12 panels North, 10 Panels West.
North Western Sydney, company is based in Silverwater.

Fonius 5KW 3 Phase with 22X Longi 310W Mono panels, $5650

Alternatively with QCell Perc panels X22 $6550

Im thinking i will go with the Longi Panels, same warranty. similar performance over 25 years they just dont have a local office so warranty issues have to go through the importer.

UPDATE 2020-06-10T00:00:00Z

The System was installed in February 2019 by JT Solar, Trading as Aussie Hybrid Solar

The System is fantastic, it has been just over 12 months now, the credit that we have made in the sunnier quarters has paid for the bills in the not so sunny quarters.

Longi LR6-60HPH 315W & Fronius symo 5.0-3-M
our usage charge is 28.58c/kWh with supply charge of 87.45c per day
22C feed in for first 12 months and 21C now
I am with Origin, i had to sign up with AGL for Origin to match what AGL was offering and beat them on Gas.

The System is working better than i could have hoped and is on track to be paid off in 10 Quarters.

Hi @tjgriff

That’s a good question, whether to buy the premium panels or the “value” brand at a significantly cheaper price. I don’t know the answer. I use to err on the side of the value brand, but have more recently been converted to see the long term benefit of paying the premium price for higher quality. I think it comes down to a personal choice based on whether you have the extra $$$ to spend, and your risk levels (there’s generally less of a chance of anything going wrong if you choose the premium option).

I often think of it in terms of what your brand preference is when buying everyday household products or cars. Do you prefer the performance and comfort of a Mercedes, the reliability of a Toyota, or do you prefer to buy a (insert_cheaper_brand_here), with a lower price tag, but potential that it might cost you more than a Toyota in the long run because there’s more risk it’ll break down, or have some annoying problem. If you are looking for the best options for cheaper products, see here:

Having said that, I argue in our Guide To Buying Solar eBook that the decision of who to buy solar from is much more important. If I was really confident in the company that I was buying from, then I would be more comfortable buying the “value” brand of panels over the premium. Please take a look at the chapter on this:

Ch 2. Who should I Buy Solar From

Solar Power Sydney

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Thanks Marty,

I went with the Longi Panels
They have been installed for 2 weeks now, very happy with the install.

Our Location is The Ponds NSW
12 North, 10 West.

Generating anywhere from 12kWh on a bad day up to 38kWh on a good day.

The installer had Longi panels and liked them over the Q Cell

Fantastic, thanks for the update @tjgriff. Can you recommend the installer, what was the company you went with?


I Sure can,
JT Solar, Trading as Aussie Hybrid Solar

Thanks again for letting us all pick your brain Marty