New Bluetti AC300 - learn how it works videos

I made a couple videos while learning about my new Bluetti AC300, I figured they might be useful to others. I had no idea how PV priority and the architecture of this thing functioned until actually messing with it, despite actively looking for that info. Here is the first video:

Another I made of the AC300 backfeeding my whole house critical loads in an outage type situation. I tried this all for the first time on video. I was impressed by the fortitude of this thing. I gave it the beans and it held an overload far longer than I thought it would and didn’t shut down. It also multiplied the output of my single inverter generator, letting the engine run at constant load while also taking in solar and feeding the varying loads of the house. This is exactly what I was hoping it would do and why I pursued getting one.

In this last video I take it portable and run a bunch of power tools and such. It’s a boss and runs everything with ease of course. I would not hesitate to use this as portable power for a light construction or remodel project:

Any other ideas of things I can try with the AC300?

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